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Adventure Travel Philosophy

Over the past 40 years of traveling, and especially with the advent of the internet and cell phones, I have become increasingly aware of how many cultural distinctions have been blurred. If you seek out those few places in the world that are relatively untouched that's my focus and mission in life as well.

When you step beyond the guidebooks on the book store shelves and into strange and untouched lands, you will get the most from your experience if you completely immerse yourself in what life is like for the people who live there. Don't be afrad to venture out into the countryside, bathe in a horse trough, sleep on a straw tick, and eat foods that are unlike anything you've ever tasted.

Bhutan Tour Bus
Bhutan Monastery
Cindy Johnson in Bhutan
Pack Animal Bhutan Trek

Your experience will be truly unforgettable when you wholeheartedly embrace the essence of other cultures as the global social fabric evolves. Your perspective changes when you see, touch, and feel things in a different context. Adopt an inquisitive nature while enjoying the exploration and gaining a deeper understanding of our world and how it interconnects.

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