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Cindy Johnson Biography

Our family sprung from the prairies of Nebraska, but while heading north to the big woods of Minnesota, the model T broke down in Spicer, MN. We stayed. For over five generations we’ve swum, skied, kayaked and hiked, now centering in Bayfield, WI on Lake Superior.

I first went to Scandinavia at the age of 17 and toured the area extensively on a private coach tour. In college I was an English major and picked up teaching credentials just in time to head abroad for the great hippie migration. I worked six months in Helsinki, then traveled throughout Western and Central Europe as well as parts of the Near East via hitchhiking, bicycling, motorcycling, train and native bus.

We mostly camped with the occasional youth hostel. It was 1972, I was 23 and it was the greatest adventure of my life!
Upon my return stateside I spent three years in the backpacking business in Colorado, with my company eventually being sold to North Face. But I was thrilled testing the winter camping gear, cross country skis and fly-fishing equipment, let alone all of the backpacking countryside we logged.. I was done with teaching and headed back to Minnesota for an MBA.

Family and a marketing career intervened for 30 years, but I resumed traveling when my daughters were young. Everything from dude ranches in the Rockies to exploring the pristine prairie and moonscapes of the Badlands. Then later on to Mexico, Jamaica and finally London and Paris.

And now I have the time to rekindle my passion for adventure travel at age 62. Trekking to exotic places has been my quest. I’m soon to venture out to my second trek in Bhutan with a stop in Kathmandu to see how the once ‘enlightened hippie trail’ has changed.

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